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the world of internationalization
a unique action plan
Sviluppumbria office, Foligno, Perugia
Via Andrea Vici
Hours 2.30pm - 6 pm
Tuesday 5 December
Latest news
Infoline (39) 0742-340906
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HuBy is your TUTOR for Graphics & Communication, Ecommerce, ADV, Internationalization, Abroad missions.
Avantune offers Self Service BI, Web Conferencing, FoIP, EFSS, ECM, CRM & Cloud
YOUEX  helps you for your foreign missions, business support and training and assistance
A B2B format for the marketing of Italian products in the World
The Whole Italian Pantry
Our Division

web, marketing and creativity

Infoday: “Le novità di SME INSTRUMENT nella programmazione 2018-2020”

Discover the WEB TUTOR MANAGER of MyLab 

and leverages all the internal and external resources of your business.

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